Trump: US will ‘get angry’ if Syria attacks civilians

President Donald Trump says the US will ‘get angry’ if Syrian government slaughters civilians in rebel-held Idlib province; Trump denies claims published in new tell-all book that he wanted to assassinate Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Trump addressed the situation in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province during a White House meeting with the emir of Kuwait. “Slaughter cannot occur,” Trump said in reference to the crisis in Idlib, where rebel forces and millions of Syrian civilians have taken refuge following a major government advance this year.

Trump warned that “If it’s a slaughter” the US and the entire world are “going to get very, very angry.” The American president’s fresh warning followed a White House promise to respond “swiftly and appropriately” to an expected offensive by President of Syria Bashar Assad against some 3 million civilians in the opposition stronghold.

But the offensive is already underway: The Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday that four of its jets bombed a weapons depot and launch pad for drones used by an al Qaeda offshoot based in Idlib. Moscow accuses the militants of deploying the drones to target Russian military bases in Syria.

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