Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions were seized by ISIS during the past two days

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi warned on Sunday that sleeper terrorist cells were still active in several western and northwestern regions in the country.

He therefore stressed the need to “completely” secure Iraq’s borders to avert future threats by the ISIS group in Syria. Abdul Mahdi underlined the need to maintain efforts and caution in monitoring terrorist cells and securing the border with Syria. The PM had kicked off his term in office by focusing on security affairs, demonstrated by his visits to each of the ministries of defense and interior.

Security expert Fadel Abou Ragheef told Asharq Al-Awsat that ISIS is “clearly active”, especially in the Hamrin mountain range, Badush heights, Adhaim basin and the region between the Diyala and Salaheddine provinces. He added that the terrorist group was also active in western regions, starting from Nineveh.

“The borders are not completely secure, which facilitates the movement of ISIS in some regions,” he explained.

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