SDF : International public that the fight against terrorism has not over yet

“At a time, while we are having fierce battles against the terrorism in the last strongholds of ISIS and fighting it’s sleeper cells that are trying to organize it’s ranks in the region,  the White House’s decision to withdraw from northern and eastern Syria will negatively affect the campaign against the terrorism, and it will provide a chance for terrorrism  and it’s supporters in the political and military fields to recover again and launch counter-terrorist campaign in the region.

We, as SDF, assure for international public that the fight against terrorism has not over yet, and the final defeat for the terrorrism has not come yet, this tough stage requires efforts from all parts and particularly  the International Coalition needs to provide bigger and continuous support for the troops on ground and not to withdraw from the region, the decision of pulling back  will directly undermine the efforts of the final battel of defeating the terrorrists, and it will have serious implications for stability and world peace, it will be disappointed for the components in the region since the withdrawal decsion in this time will affect the stability and the security negativly, and it will lead to political- military vacuum and creating anonymouse future with risks and dangers in the region.


General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces”