EU blacklists seven Syrian ministers over links to Assad

The EU added Syria’s interior minister and six other ministers to a sanctions blacklist for their role in what it called President Bashar Al Assad’s “violent repression” of civilians.

The ministers, who were appointed to Mr Al Assad’s government in November, have been barred from travelling to Europe and will have their assets frozen.

Among those added to the blacklist are Maj Gen Mohammad Khaled Al Rahmoun – the interior minister – and Mohammad Rami Radwan Martini, the tourism minister.

Education Minister Imad Muwaffaq Al Azab, Higher Education Minister Bassam Bashir Ibrahim, Housing Minister Suhail Mohammad Abdullatif, Communications Minister Iyad Mohammad Al Khatib, and Industry Minister Mohammad Maen Zein-Al Abidin Jazba were also included in the sanctions.